What is Mortar Tinting?

Mortar tinting is an incredibly underrated building cosmetics service that can actually add value to your property! There may not be many people out there who have heard about mortar tinting, but in some ways that is a good thing because it means our service has been quality of work is seamless, as it should be. We use a custom-mixed staining solution and apply it with a brush to your mortar. This could be to blend new mortar to old, or old to new, or it could be to give you a whole new colour for your property.

Benefits of Mortar Tinting?

  • Mortar tinting can help blend old or new mortar on your property to achieve a flawless look.
  • Clean, correctly coloured mortar makes a big difference to the overall look of your property.
  • Fancy a change? Mortar tinting can help to completely change the colour of your property.
  • Every mortar tinting job we do comes with a guarantee, we are that confident in our work!
  • Mortar tinting can add value to your home by giving your property an external facelift!
  • If you are getting your bricks tinted don’t neglect the mortar otherwise you may as well have not got the bricks done. That’s how much difference mortar tinting can make!

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  • Job: Brick and Mortar Tinting
  • Time to Complete Job: 9 hours.

This is one of the biggest surface areas we have tinted on a domestic property! Check out our case study from Greater Manchester...

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Mortar Tinting FAQs

The mortar surrounding your bricks can have a huge impact on the way your bricks look to the human eye. The colour of the mortar can make your bricks look lighter or darker, a bit like an optical illusion. If your mortar is patchy, it can make your bricks look patchy even if the exact same brick has been used throughout.

Not always. However, each job is quoted on an individual basis and the cost will be dependent on many different factors.

Absolutely! Because the brick and the mortar are made of different materials, using the same tint on both will not get the same result. Luckily, our technicians are experienced enough to be able to create the same finish using different solution thickness, a variation of colours and tones and a range of techniques.
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