Brick Makeover

About Us

Welcome to Brick Makeover, the answer to all of your building cosmetic problems. We are the best brick tinting service in the UK!

Brick Makeover is a family-run national business, founded at the start of 2022. CEO, Martin has been working in brick tinting since 2003! With so many years of experience, you can rest assured your project will be in good hands.

Brick Makeover is the highest-quality brick-and-mortar tinting service in the UK! With over 40 years of combined experience and a team of professional and dedicated staff, we are ready to work closely with you to ensure we fully understand and achieve the vision you have for your property.

We work with Home and Property Owners, Building Contractors, House Builders, Architects and Planning authorities across the UK to repair, restore, and transform brick and stone building facades.

What is Brick Tinting?

Many people have never heard of brick tinting before, but that is a good thing because, if we have done our job correctly, you shouldn’t notice it!

If you have a patch of brickwork, large or small, that doesn’t match the rest of your property or that you are unhappy with for any reason, we can fix it for you.

Using specialised tinting products, we can colour-treat and tint your bricks to match and blend perfectly with the surrounding areas.

Our Service

Our service is unique to any other in the UK because we apply many skills you may not consider when you think about brickwork. Our technique requires artistic flare, an eye for detail, steady hands and patience. All of which are essential for creating a seamless match between old and new brickwork.

Many brick tinting companies prefer to darken bricks rather than lighten them. However, our highly trained technicians are perfectly capable of doing both if you would prefer a lighter tone to your brickwork.

Why Tint not Paint?

Our specialized tinting mixture is not painted! Paint clogs the pores of the brick and can lead to serious damage over time to your property.

We use special tinting that is a colourfast, oxide-based pigment with potassium silicate and water. We apply it by hand with precision and attention to detail on each individual brick.

We are able to darken, lighten or completely change the colour of the brick to correct the unsightly inconsistencies we work with on a daily basis. Sometimes our technicians will use several different colours to get the exact tone, texture and pattern to create an exact match.

Unlike paint, which simply covers the surface of the brick, the tinting formulation we use is absorbed into the brick and forms a permanent bond. The brickwork will be able to breathe which allows it to weather in the same way as the untreated bricks surrounding it. This is why we are confidently able to offer a lifetime guarantee on the work we deliver.

Our Promise to You

All of the products we use are non-toxic, non-flammable and odourless. Every project we work on is totally bespoke. We understand that each property, each brick, and each customer will vary in their requirements.

All of our technicians are not only highly trained but also passionate about creating beautiful homes and buildings for our clients.