Why Use Us

Brick Makeover

Why Use Us?

At Brick Makeover we have a combination of over 40 years of experience in the team! We are also a family-run business, so you can forget the corporate pricing and politics, we're just a family doing what we do best and what we love! We aim to give you the best price for the work required and always give each job that personalised touch. Why choose our brick and mortar tinting service though?

Our technicians are highly-skilled and fully trained to ensure that you are receiving the best quality, seamless building cosmetics service. We use well-known brands and great quality equipment because we value the work we do and always provide you with our best every time.

We offer a wide range of services including brick and mortar tinting, algae and graffiti cleaning, high-pressure washing and more. Let us help give your home a makeover!

Reasons Why You Could Need Brick Tinting and Mortar Tinting Service

Property Owners

If you've had an extension or garage conversion and your new bricks don't match the old ones.

You have an area of brickwork that has aged differently from the rest of the property.

You fancy a change! We can give your entire home an external makeover by completely changing the colour of your bricks or by adding a scattering of highlights across the building.

Builders / Construction Company

You are working on a property where you cannot find a brick that matches the original brickwork. Maybe the brick has been discontinued, or you are working within a time constraint and the correct bricks won't arrive on time. Our service ensures that you avoid unnecessary delays and allows you to continue with an alternative brick. Once your work is complete, we can come in and blend the new bricks in with the old.

Brickwork can be damaged by many processes used within the building industry such as painting and scaffolding. Here at Brick Makeover, we understand that sometimes this is unavoidable. But fear not! We can tidy up any mess or damage that has occurred on a job leaving you with a customer who is happy with the final overall result of your work.

The colour of a building can be a big factor when applying for planning permission. Often buildings are expected to match their surrounding areas. By including our services within your proposals, you can keep planning officials satisfied, therefore speeding up what can sometimes be a lengthy process.

What Are the Benefits of Our Building Cosmetics Service?

We're fast but high-quality!

Our service is cheaper than finding an exact brick match at the start of the building process.

Our work adds value to properties and it makes them much more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of potential buyers.

We give you our guarantee that the job will be done right!

You can get a free, bespoke quote online for our brick and mortar tinting service today!