What is Stone Tinting?

Stone tinting is a fine art in the tinting industry. Unlike brick tinting, stone is a much different surface to work with. The custom-mixed tinting solution is mixed differently for the texture of the stone in order to achieve the right colour match. Through stone tinting, our technicians can give your property a youthful facelift, or even a whole new colour. The natural solution we use will work with the material by integrating it into its pores for a long-lasting effect.

Benefits of Stone Tinting?

  • Stone tinting works with the natural material and will last as long as the stone will.
  • You can achieve a completely new colour without using paint which can damage the stone.
  • Add value to your property by giving your stone walls an updated look and feel.
  • Stone tinting is a more cost-effective solution than replacing a wall.
  • Seamlessly blend an extension or repair job with the existing stone through tinting.
  • Our stone tinting service has been tried and tested on National Trust sites with 100% positive feedback.

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  • Job: Brick and Mortar Tinting
  • Time to Complete Job: 9 hours.

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Stone Tinting FAQs

Yes! Stone tinting works exactly the same as brick and mortar tinting but often on a larger surface area. We apply a specialised tint to the stone to alter the colour depending on the customer’s preference.

Yes. The stain penetrates the surface (up to 3mm) and permanently colours the stone.

Ideally yes. If stones are dirty, it can affect how the tint takes to the surface of the stone. We can wash your stones for you before we begin the tinting process.

Some concrete stones are difficult to tint because they are made of a very hard compound. If in doubt, our technicians will always do a test sample to see how the stone reacts to our tint before commencing on a job.
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