What is Block Tinting?

Block tinting is the process of using a specialised tinting solution to alter the colour of blocks. Brick Makeover has a team of experienced tinting technicians who will help to give your property a beautiful exterior makeover! Tinting blocks is a skilled manual craft whereby our technicians will mix a bespoke colour-match tinting solution to help blend new extensions, replenish your property, or give it a whole new look.

Benefits of Block Tinting?

  • Fresh-looking blocks can help to add value to your property.
  • Your property will be revitalised thanks to our expert colour-matching block tinting, we get a perfect match every time.
  • We guarantee to give you the best prices thanks to our bespoke quote service.
  • Block tinting will last longer and be more effective than painting.
  • You can have a new colour or even a textured look for your blocks, or both!
  • Our block tinting technicians have 20+ years of experience! Rest assured your property will be in good hands.

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  • Job: Brick Tinting
  • Time to Complete Job: 6 hours.

Take a look at Brick Makeover's incredible brick tinting work down in Fetcham, Surrey for this house extension.

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Block Tinting FAQs

Yes, most concrete blocks can be tinted. In much the same way that we tint bricks. Using a potassium silicate solution which is mixed on site for the perfect colour match.

Yes. We can tint interior and exterior blocks.

The tint we use penetrates the surface of concrete blocks up to 3 millimetres so will last as long as the block face itself.

No. Bad weather can not wash away the new colour of the blocks. The block tint soaks into the block, it does not sit on the surface like a paint so no amount of rain, wind, sleet or snow will wash it away. We do however recommend our weather protectant service as an additional extra if your property is exposed to severe elements. (link to weather protection)
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