What is Mortar Repairs?

Damage to mortar can happen more easily than you think, from crumbling due to weathering, building movement, poor wall cavity insulation and general wear and tear. Overall these things can cause your property to look run down and could even affect the value of it. That’s where we come in! Our mortar repair service can tackle any damage and will repair it whilst ensuring it looks naturally blended still.

Benefits of Mortar Repairs?

  • We can fix smaller areas by raking them out and repairing them.
  • Our team can also repair big cracks by grinding the mortar out and filling it to repair.
  • The mortar will be repaired seamlessly to ensure a flawless finish on the property.
  • Repairing mortar damage can help to revitalise and rejuvenate the property.
  • Your property could increase in value from the damages being repaired.
  • Our mortar repair service is a cost-effective solution to resolve damages to your property.

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Mortar Repairs FAQs

A simple solution of sand and cement (and lime if needed) is used to repair mortar.

No. Our technicians will be able to blend mortar repairs with our brick tinting service for a seamless finish.

Mortar repairs will last as long as the face of the wall. Once repaired, you shouldn’t have any further problems.
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