Brick Makeover


Brick Makeover are a team of trained, qualified tradesmen. We do mortar, block, and brick tinting, repairs, modifications and more!

Each job is unique so we will give you a quote once we understand the scope of work required. Give us a call or request a quote.

Brick Makeover is a brick tinting service based in the UK. We can work on any project you have across the country. Big, small, private or commercial!

Yes! We can quote to work on commercial and private property. As with any project we can come and take a look at the building to quote on the scope of work you need.

The work we do on your home/property will last as long as the brick face does. Thanks to our products and techniques they do not fade when exposed to UV rays and will resist the weather. Your tinting will only be affected if the brick surface is heavily damaged.

Most bricks can be tinted, generally, we can asses this over a video call or from a site visit. However, we cannot do this if the bricks have been treated with weatherproofing material/solution.

In short, no. Due to the weatherproofing treatment affecting the porosity of the bricks, the tinting solution will not take to the bricks. We can do a test patch to assess your bricks.

Yes, we can. Many brick tinting companies prefer to darken bricks rather than lighten them. However, our highly trained technicians are perfectly capable of doing both if you would prefer a lighter tone to your brickwork.

Paint clogs the pores of the brick and can cause serious damage to your property over time. Tinting works in conjunction with your brick pores so it won't cause damage.

Home and Property Owners, Building Contractors, House Builders, Architects and Planning authorities across the UK. Call us for a free quote!