What is Paint Removal?

Paint removal is a careful process whereby we use a mixture of paint stripper, high-power pressure washing, and other tools to remove paint from your exterior surfaces. Depending on how long the paint has been on your surfaces, we may need to use stronger products to remove the paint, such as an acid washing solution which we will leave to work its magic before pressure washing it. Most of the time the surface won’t be damaged by the paint or our paint removal service. However, we do offer repair and tinting services should this be required.

Benefits of Paint Removal?

  • Ready for a change of design? We can remove the paint to restore your original surfaces.
  • Paint can damage the surface underneath by causing mould, removing it will help to prevent this.
  • Exterior painted walls require regular maintenance which can be costly! We can remove the paint and restore the natural surface underneath.
  • Our paint removal service is much more cost-effective than the maintenance cost of upkeeping painted surfaces.
  • With over 20 years of experience, we have mastered the art of paint removal so your property will be in good hands.
  • If the paint has damaged the natural surface underneath, our repair and tinting surfaces can complement our paint removal service to help you have a beautiful property again.

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Paint Removal FAQs

Yes it can! But it needs to be done with care by professionals in order to do it effectively and without damaging the underlying structure.

Using a high-pressure jet wash and a strong paint stripper. We apply the paint stripper with a brush, leave it to dwell and then using a range of techniques such as scraping, wire brushing and jet washing we remove the paint.

We use a strong paint stripper to remove paint from brickwork. Once the paint has been cleaned, we use an acid solution to neutralise the paint stripper, preventing it from causing slow, ongoing damage to the surface of the brickwork.

Most brickwork will not be affected by the paint removal process. It very much depends on the integrity of the brickwork. If it seems likely that brickwork will be damaged by the process, this will always be discussed with the customer before work commences. We are also able to repair and tint bricks once the paint has been removed to make your brickwork look as good as new!

If there is still residual paint or ghost staining after the cleaning process is complete, we can tint your brickwork to cover up all remnants of the paint.
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