What is Brick Cleaning?

Brick properties can often look quite dusty due to not being properly cleaned upon being built, this is due to the condition in which many builders and contractors leave the sites. Sometimes through no fault of their own! Construction can leave all kinds of dust and debris that can coat windows, bricks and roofs in a thin but noticeable layer of grimy filth. We can help clean those bricks before you settle in! Or perhaps if you have an older brick property that just needs a new lease of life, our brick experts can have them looking good as new in no time!

Benefits of Brick Cleaning?

  • Cleaning a new brick property at the start can prevent potential damage later on.
  • A clean exterior is just as important as the interior when it comes to property value.
  • Regular cleaning can help to prevent algae or mould.
  • Light-coloured bricks will look newer for longer.
  • Brick cleaning is an affordable service.
  • We adjust the settings of our pressure washer to suit the type of bricks you have.

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  • Job: Brick and Mortar Tinting
  • Time to Complete Job: 4 hours.

Commercial brick tinting case study for a restaurant in Manchester. The difference we made was astounding!

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Brick Cleaning FAQs

Yes, we do. Our pressures have a wide range of settings to accommodate every job. Some walls require a more gentle pressure whilst others benefit from a strong blast.

Not always. Sometimes dirt washes away easily and there is no need to use anything other than water. However, using an acid washing solution can help us to break down stubborn dirt and grime that simply wouldn’t budge with a pressure wash alone.

Most brickwork will not be affected by a pressure wash. It very much depends on the integrity of the brickwork. If it seems likely that brickwork will be damaged by the process, this will always be discussed with the customer before work commences.

If there is concern about the windows and doors, we will mask them to ensure they are protected.

When pressure washing, we will require access to and continuous use of your water supply in order to carry out the work.

Pressure washing can occasionally get a touch messy. At the end of the day, we are washing dust, dirt and grime away so it’s to be expected. However, our technicians are extremely conscientious and always ensure they clean up after themselves.
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