Manchester Restaurant

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Job Type: Brick and Mortar Tinting

Job Location: Restaurant, Central Manchester

Job Date: June 2022

Time to Complete Job: 4 hours.

Description of work:

This job was for a commercial client. The job was on the inside of a restaurant undergoing renovations in Manchester city centre. The restaurant had beautiful brick pillars throughout the inside that had been covered up and damaged by layers and layers of poorly done plaster. The walls had been kept as raw exposed brickwork which is the interior style they wanted for the restaurant, so our aim for the job was to restore the pillars to the beauty and likeness of the walls.

When brickwork has been smothered in layers of plaster it is important to carefully remove the plaster so as to keep the condition of the bricks as good as possible. The better quality the brick surface texture, the nicer the finish of the brick tinting will look. We got to work on removing the years of plaster and began our specialist process of mixing a tinting solution which is done bespoke for each job.

The tinting work was done using our standard process of mixing a colour to match the colour of the wall bricks, applying it to the brick surface, and then artificially drying it to ensure the colour match is correct. We then proceeded to finish the job by tinting the mortar to get a beautiful finish on the pillars. Our client was extremely pleased with the work and was able to then move on to complete their renovation of the rest of the restaurant with their new exposed brick pillars seamlessly fitting in with their walls.

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