Fetcham, Surrey

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Job Type: Brick Tinting

Job Location: Fetcham, Surrey

Job Date: May 2022

Time to Complete Job: 6 hours.

Description of work:

This customer in Surrey had recently decided to build an extension to have more space to utilise in their property. They had hired a builder who was unfortunately unable to find the right colour brick that would match the existing bricks. However, the builder did the next best thing which was to find a brick of the same size and texture. This may not sound important to a customer in comparison to the colour, but, the size and texture of a brick cannot be changed once constructed, whereas the colour can!

If you ever want to build an extension on your property and don’t have access to the same bricks used in the original build, the size and texture match is the next best things you can have! The builder saved this customer a lot of stress by managing to source the brick size and texture correctly.

This is where Brick Makeover came in to complete the finishing touches. The new bricks selected by the builder for the extension were much lighter in colour compared to the original bricks. This made it an easy job for us as it is generally much easier to tint bricks a darker colour than it is to lighten bricks.

For this particular job, we used a blend of 4 shades of the same colour in order to achieve a perfect colour match. The builder was able to use the same colour mortar during construction which saved both time and money for the customer on the tinting requirements as it was just the brick tinting needed for this job.

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